Currently offering a 5:45am and noon class Monday thru Friday both in person or via zoom! 

If you would like the zoom link, please text or email me and I will get it to you. If you're coming in person, no need to sign up ahead of time anymore. Just show up on time and make sure you have your mask!

BodyRock Training and Fitness

2330 NE Division St Suite 1

Bend, OR 97703

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Class Information

Workouts are never one size fits all and BodyRock truly believes in all styles of training. There are many benefits to strength training, HIIT training, functional fitness and core focus. That is why all of the classes at BodyRock are a unique combination of strength, HIIT, core and functional training! Every class will be different and challenge you in a new way every time! Classes are a great fit for any fitness level and any sort of modifications are always welcome! Come in to try a class and rock YOUR body! 

​**If you are showing up for your first class please plan on arriving 10 minutes early.