BodyRock Training and Fitness

UPDATED 67/1/2020:

Let’s start by saying thank you all for the amazing love, support, and hard work over, well, 2020! We continue to make it happen despite lots of road blocks! 
With new protocols in order around masks please read the follow updates! 
Masks will be required to come in for a class. You will wear your mask as you come in, wash your hands as you have been, and get your weights/equipment. Once we are all set up in our stations with our personal equipment you will then be instructed to take your mask off as we workout. Woohoo! Workouts will continue to be spaced out around the room with your own personal “station” and everything else will be the same, as we have been doing! Masks will not be worn during the workout but will be worn on your way in and out of the studio! 
Thank you all for navigating all of this with me and we will continue to get through this together!

UPDATED 5/15/2020:

BodyRockers!!!!!!!! Please read this insanely long message all the way through for lots of very important information!!! 

Thank you for all the support, love, patience, and accommodating during our shut down! We will need all of that moving forward as things will be different... to say the least! 

Starting Monday the 18th we will be starting to have VERY small groups come back into the studio! We will be not only starting with small groups but only a couple groups a day. The requirements for cleaning are (rightfully so) very strict and having the right amount of time to clean as needed is a top priority! 

It is now required to sign up for a spot in class online (see link on the SCHEDULE  page of our website) but fear not!! We will still be doing ZOOM classes at the same time so that people who don’t get in the group or don’t feel comfortable coming in can still participate from home! Just keep using the exact same links you have been using!  Morning class will now be at 5:45am but the link will be the same, just a little earlier! All workouts in the studio will be weights and mats only for the time being so following along at home will be no problem. No shared equipment type workouts for the foreseeable future.

It is MANDATORY that if you have any sick symptoms at all that you stay home or if you’ve been around anyone with symptoms! I am required to survey every person at the door before they come in and if you have any symptoms you will be sent home immediately and not allowed back for 14 days.These are regulations that are required and I will be following them as required. 

If you sign up online for a class and do not show up then you will be blocked from registering/coming in for 24 hours. This is to make sure everyone has a chance to come in and people aren’t signing up just to have the “option” if they feel like it. If you don’t show up because you were sick then you wouldn’t be able to come in after 24 hours anyways so it seems like a fair way to hold people accountable and make sure spaces in class are respected for everyone! 

Six feet apart at all times will be required! And hand washing upon entrance is a requirement that I will be following as well.  First time navigating a pandemic so just trying to do the best that I can! 

Thank you guys for navigating this with me and being patient and respectful along the way! Please let me know any questions you may stumble across along the way!! I am here for you!!