Online Training:

If you are just looking for guidance in the gym but don't live in the area or don't want the 1:1 setting that personal training provides then online training may be just perfect for you! This is also a great tool for someone looking for guidance in training for specific events such as a marathon. 

Get CUSTOM workouts sent to you every week and weekly check-ins and unlimited communication for any questions and concerns along the way.

All services available online during the COVID-19 shut down. Please call Ally at 541-390-9648 for further information.

Small Group Classes:

Exercises will include body-weight moves, resistance training, speed and agility work, and plyometrics. We will supply the equipment needed. All you need to do is bring yourself and a willingness to kick some butt! 

BodyRock Training and Fitness

Personal Training:

Personal training involves one-on-one interaction with Ally. We can work in a much more interactive, personal and individualized manner depending on your ability, motivation and goals.

Lifestyle and Wellness Coaching:‚Äč

If we really break it down, to be truly healthy is a mental, emotional, and physical journey. That might mean you need to work through daily changes in your mindset and learn to balance everything life throws at you. We may need to reassess how we talk to ourselves or how we goal set for ourselves. It may include working on your relationship with your body and your relationship with food. In this one-on-one setting, learn daily tools to help you reach you true overall health potential.